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20th Century
Design Auction

Gabriel Loci, Holečkova 106/10
Praha 5 – Smíchov

Lovers of design,
Let us invite you to the 22nd annual Designblok‘20 design holiday. It has become a tradition that we have joined forces and as part of this holiday, we have prepared an exhibition and auction for you in the Designblok-Superstudio, which is this year located in Gabriel Loci (St. Gabriel Monastery and the Church of the Annunciation) in Holečkova 106/10 in Prague 5 - Smíchov. The building is next to the Kinsky Garden.

The pre-auction exhibition takes place for all days of this event from October 7 to October 11. On the last day, October 11, our 20th century design auction will take place in the form of a “live stream” broadcast on Designblok’s Facebook page from 1.30 pm. This year we offer you participation in the auction in the form of an auction through limits and by phone.

Given by the declaration of a state of emergency by our government, the parameters of entry and stay at the exhibition will change. Rules are already in place that requires each visitor to register for a specific time of visit. The reason is your safety in an already complicated situation. Please follow the website of the event (www.designblok.cz).

We will inform you immediately about news and changes. We are also available to answer your question about individual items.

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